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  1. Alamofire πŸ”₯ 35.5k Elegant HTTP Networking in Swift πŸ“ 8 days ago
  2. ShadowsocksX-NG πŸ”₯ 29.3k Next Generation of ShadowsocksX πŸ“ 5 months ago
  3. open-source-ios-apps πŸ”₯ 26.9k Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps πŸ“ 8 days ago
  4. open-source-mac-os-apps πŸ”₯ 25.7k Awesome list of open source applications for macOS. πŸ“ a month ago
  5. swift-algorithm-club πŸ”₯ 24.7k Algorithms and data structures in Swift, with explanations! πŸ“ 8 months ago
  6. Charts πŸ”₯ 24.1k Beautiful charts for iOS/tvOS/OSX! The Apple side of the crossplatform MPAndroidChart. πŸ“ 2 months ago
  7. lottie-ios πŸ”₯ 21.3k 🌐 75.8k / + 75,744 An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations πŸ“ 2 months ago
  8. SwiftyJSON πŸ”₯ 20.5k The better way to deal with JSON data in Swift. πŸ“ 19 days ago
  9. Vapor πŸ”₯ 20.2k A server-side Swift web framework. πŸ“ 3 days ago
  10. ReactiveCocoa πŸ”₯ 20k Cocoa framework and Obj-C dynamism bindings for ReactiveSwift. πŸ“ a month ago
  11. RxSwift πŸ”₯ 20k Reactive Programming in Swift πŸ“ 6 days ago
  12. Hero πŸ”₯ 20k Elegant transition library for iOS & tvOS πŸ“ 23 days ago
  13. Kingfisher πŸ”₯ 18.3k A lightweight, pure-Swift library for downloading and caching images from the web. πŸ“ 5 days ago
  14. SnapKit πŸ”₯ 17.4k A Swift Autolayout DSL for iOS & OS X πŸ“ 3 months ago
  15. SwiftGuide CN πŸ”₯ 15.4k Swift Featured Projects in brain Mapping πŸ“ 8 months ago
  16. IQKeyboardManager πŸ”₯ 15k Codeless drop-in universal library allows to prevent issues of keyboard sliding up and cover UITextField/UITextView. Neither need to write any code nor any setup required and much more. πŸ“ 6 months ago
  17. SwiftLint πŸ”₯ 14.6k A tool to enforce Swift style and conventions. πŸ“ 17 days ago
  18. Realm πŸ”₯ 14.4k Realm is a mobile database: a replacement for Core Data & SQLite πŸ“ 15 days ago
  19. Carthage πŸ”₯ 14.3k A simple, decentralized dependency manager for Cocoa πŸ“ 21 days ago
  20. Spring πŸ”₯ 13.9k A library to simplify iOS animations in Swift. πŸ“ 2 years ago
  21. Perfect πŸ”₯ 13.9k Server-side Swift. The Perfect core toolset and framework for Swift Developers. (For mobile back-end development, website and API development, and more…) πŸ“ 2 months ago
  22. PromiseKit πŸ”₯ 13.3k Promises for Swift & ObjC. πŸ“ 8 months ago
  23. CocoaPods πŸ”₯ 13.1k 🌐 29k / + 28,976 The Cocoa Dependency Manager. πŸ“ a month ago
  24. Moya πŸ”₯ 13k Network abstraction layer written in Swift. πŸ“ 17 days ago
  25. Design-Patterns-In-Swift πŸ”₯ 12.6k Design Patterns implemented in Swift 5.0 πŸ“ 5 months ago
  26. Material πŸ”₯ 11.8k A UI/UX framework for creating beautiful applications. πŸ“ a year ago
  27. Raywenderlich πŸ”₯ 11.3k The official Swift style guide for πŸ“ 14 days ago
  28. 30 Days of Swift πŸ”₯ 11.1k A self-taught project to learn Swift. πŸ“ 9 months ago
  29. Eureka πŸ”₯ 11.1k Elegant iOS form builder in Swift πŸ“ 3 days ago
  30. Animated Tab Bar πŸ”₯ 10.7k RAMAnimatedTabBarController is a Swift UI module library for adding animation to iOS tabbar items and icons. iOS library made by @Ramotion πŸ“ a year ago
  31. SkeletonView πŸ”₯ 10.1k An elegant way to show users that something is happening and also prepare them to which contents they are awaiting πŸ“ 3 days ago
  32. folding-cell πŸ”₯ 9.9k FoldingCell is an expanding content cell with animation made by @Ramotion πŸ“ a year ago
  33. NVActivityIndicatorView πŸ”₯ 9.7k A collection of awesome loading animations πŸ“ 6 months ago
  34. SwifterSwift πŸ”₯ 9.6k A handy collection of more than 500 native Swift extensions to boost your productivity. πŸ“ 17 days ago
  35. Quick πŸ”₯ 9.1k The Swift (and Objective-C) testing framework. πŸ“ 17 days ago
  36. ObjectMapper πŸ”₯ 8.7k Simple JSON Object mapping written in Swift πŸ“ a year ago
  37. IBAnimatable πŸ”₯ 8.5k Design and prototype customized UI, interaction, navigation, transition and animation for App Store ready Apps in Interface Builder with IBAnimatable. πŸ“ 2 months ago
  38. CryptoSwift πŸ”₯ 8.4k CryptoSwift is a growing collection of standard and secure cryptographic algorithms implemented in Swift πŸ“ 23 days ago
  39. AudioKit πŸ”₯ 8.3k Swift audio synthesis, processing, & analysis platform for iOS, macOS and tvOS πŸ“ 2 months ago
  40. swift-package-manager πŸ”₯ 8.2k The Package Manager for the Swift Programming Language πŸ“ NaN years ago
  41. R.swift πŸ”₯ 8k Strong typed, autocompleted resources like images, fonts and segues in Swift projects πŸ“ a month ago
  42. SQLite.swift πŸ”₯ 7.5k A type-safe, Swift-language layer over SQLite3. πŸ“ a year ago
  43. PureLayout πŸ”₯ 7.5k The ultimate API for iOS & OS X Auto Layout β€” impressively simple, immensely powerful. Objective-C and Swift compatible. πŸ“ 24 days ago
  44. Kitura πŸ”₯ 7.5k A Swift web framework and HTTP server. πŸ“ a month ago
  45. LTMorphingLabel πŸ”₯ 7.5k [EXPERIMENTAL] Graceful morphing effects for UILabel written in Swift. πŸ“ 2 months ago
  46. Cartography πŸ”₯ 7.2k A declarative Auto Layout DSL for Swift πŸ“ 3 months ago
  47. Reachability.swift πŸ”₯ 7.2k Replacement for Apple's Reachability re-written in Swift with closures πŸ“ 6 months ago
  48. SwiftGen πŸ”₯ 7k The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … β€” Get rid of all String-based APIs! πŸ“ 6 months ago
  49. SwiftGen-Colors πŸ”₯ 7k The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … β€” Get rid of all String-based APIs! πŸ“ 6 months ago
  50. SwiftGen-Assets πŸ”₯ 7k The Swift code generator for your assets, storyboards, Localizable.strings, … β€” Get rid of all String-based APIs! πŸ“ 6 months ago
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